Take Heart Heroes

Take Heart Heroes is a pilot program linked to LittleHearts, which Take Heart Australia also intends to spread to all schools across Australia. Take Heart Heroes builds on the training delivered in the Little Hearts program, or from scratch, teaching older children and teenagers what to do in an emergency, how to recognise someone whose heart has stopped, and how to perform HQ-CPR, how to use an Automated External Defibrillator, and finally how to teach younger children the same skills. 

The Take Heart Heroes methodology is based on television-quality video programs, streamed into schools or available on DVD, using our mascot, Resus Andy, with well-known personalities, or highly trained clinicians, to teach HQ-CPR in a way which is easy to remember and to perform. These online sessions are followed by face-to-face sessions with our dedicated Take Heart Australia trainers, and further consolidation training to allow those Take Heart Heroes who are keen to learn how to use their skills to join in the training of younger children.