About 30,000 people each year in Australia suffer a cardiac arrest, when their heart just stops. 90% of these victims die because of two things; firstly, that no-one does immediate CPR which might keep blood flowing to their brain, and secondly, that there is usually no Automated External Defibrillator or AED close by. Research across the world has shown that these two interventions, both of which can be made by bystanders, can change survival from our 10% to over 60% in some cardiac arrests. 

What this means is that, not only do we need 24 million Australians to be taught High-Quality CPR, but we need AEDs everywhere; wherever there is a system that implements all of these interventions, increasing numbers of cardiac arrest survivors are saved. In Tokyo, for instance, there are over 40,000 AEDs and survival is going up every year. Although a large proportion of cardiac arrests occur in the home, many occur in public places such as sports grounds, and every week tragic stories of young people suffering cardiac arrest are in the media. The NSW Government has just devoted a large sum of money to purchasing AEDs for sports grounds, but there should be publically accessible and convenient AEDs everywhere! 

Why don’t you join the lengthening list of people and organisations that commit to saving Australian lives, particularly the 4 Australians under 35 who die each week from cardiac arrest, and purchase an AED. A proportion of the cost of the AED you buy will go towards the charitable programs run by Take Heart Australia, and therefore multiply the life-saving effect of your purchase. 

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