The THA team are delighted to be involved with the launch of the Westpac Rescue RashieTM 

Buy online for $35 at Proceeds go to Take Heart Australia

Rescue RashieTM is a life-saving aid developed by Westpac and CPR Kids. It has been designed in collaboration with CPR experts to put CPR instructions where they’re needed most, at rescuers’ fingertips. Rescue RashieTM is simple, functional and an innovation in swim wear. It features vital, easy to follow CPR instructions that are concealed when not needed, then revealed via a simple zip in the event of emergency. Using sublimation printing, the CPR instructions are specially embedded into the fabric, meaning they won’t peel or scratch off.

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"The way you get people to react instantaneously is to give them really simple instructions right in front of their nose and I think that Westpac Rescue Rashie does exactly that." Professor Paul Middleton-  Founding Director of Take Heart Australia  and Director of Emergency Medicine Research Unit, Liverpool Hospital.

Wishing every Australian child, a safe summer