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With Take Heart Australia Day just around the corner, we wanted to share this heartwarming (and impressive!) story with you – sent in by local THA Day event organiser Brad Langshaw. Brad is an Ambulance Officer, First Aid Instructor and Take Heart Hero who is based in Roxby Downs, South Australia.

We hope it is both inspires and propels you to get involved on November 30 and learn CPR (for free!).

“I taught a mother last week at her home first aid. During the time that we were going through the CPR, her daughter (aged 4) woke up from her afternoon nap. 

She came out to see what we were doing. She sat for 5 minutes watching us go through the motions of hand placement, rhythm, depth and the locking of elbows etc to get effective compressions… Little miss 4 went to her room. 

After about 5 minutes, all was quiet. Mum went to see what she was up to… She snuck back and asked me to come and see what she was doing… 

You would not believe that little miss 4 had all of her dolls, bears and other stuffed animals on the bed in a circle and she was teaching them how to do CPR. She was just repeating exactly what I was saying earlier to Mum. 

We stood for about 2 minutes as she went through the motions of assessing for not breathing normally, checking the airway is clear and then how to apply CPR. 

I left her (little miss 4) to it and we both did not say anything near her. On arrival back in the living room, we were both gob smacked. The mother was not surprised and she said that she was clever. She will try and video it for me to share with others. 

The positive lesson from this: if a 4 year old can pick up CPR in 5 minutes, and then teach it to her “friends” then why can’t we raise the survival rate from 5-9% as high as or if not higher than Seattle? 

I was so glad to see it with my own eyes. I was almost in tears as it was a special moment that makes what I do so worth it.

Little miss 4 is just a great example of how easy it is. Little miss 4’s name is Jade and her mother has given permission to share this with anyone as it may one day save a life. 

Thanks for allowing me and my community permission to join in on the 30th. It will be a great day.”

On Monday November 30, all Roxby Downs locals are invited, and encouraged, to learn CPR for free. Sessions will be running from 7am-8pm at Roxby Central Shopping Centre.

Take Heart Australia Day is taking place at various locations across Australia – head here to find out where. We hope to see you there!

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