November 20, 2017

Rescue Rashie launching soon

Rescue RashieTM is simple, functional and an innovation in swimwear. It features vital, easy to follow CPR instructions that are concealed when not needed, then revealed via […]
October 27, 2017

Jellybean 77 with A/Prof Paul Middleton

In Australia alone thousands of people have an out of hospital cardiac arrest each year. Only 10% survive. It’s a very scary and dangerous rollercoaster. No […]
June 14, 2017

CPR and AEDs both needed to save lives

Emergency room doctors are urging all Aussies to learn CPR, after a young Sydney man died yesterday on the rugby field.
May 16, 2017

Would you be able to save a life?

What is CPR? CPR – or cardiopulmonary resuscitation – is a series of fast, vigorous chest compressions that are designed to pump the heart to circulate […]
May 15, 2017

Resus @ The Park and Take Heart Australia

On behalf of Resus @ The Park and Take Heart Australia, I want to invite to you and your colleagues to Sydney’s largest and most innovative […]
December 18, 2015

Cardiac Arrest in Australia

“In medicine as well as in romantic poetry, it is the heart that is the center and controlling mechanics of life. If the heart stops, life […]
November 22, 2015

Anyone can learn the skills to save a life

With Take Heart Australia Day just around the corner, we wanted to share this heartwarming (and impressive!) story with you – sent in by local THA […]
July 15, 2015
The heart and the plate

The Heart of Diabetes

Cardiac Arrest and Diabetes Cardiac arrest, when a heart suddenly stops beating, occurs in up to 30,000 Australians each year, and survival is poor. More often […]
July 4, 2015

Forward Thinking: Key To Cardiac Arrest Survival

John Lucas had no history of heart problems, nor does he have anything wrong with his heart today. Yet earlier this year he found himself in […]